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In Love-Techwave In Love-Techwave

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cool intro! Very sparky and alive.
The drums repeat quite a bit before anything happens. The noise rise is cool, but could have started earlier to create more anticipation. The next few hits are cool, but I can hear a lot of limiter distortion. Not sure if intentional or not, but worth noting. The wobbly unstable sounding chord stabs are a delight. So are the high, creamy leads. Perhaps the S&H bass sound isn't so amazing. I like the idea but it could have been better executed.
Around here it becomes less interesting. I would liked to have heard tonal variations, and perhaps other chord structures or scales, but it's quite nice for what it is.
Solid 3.5; above average composition and average production.

techwave responds:

i see where u are coming from..Thanks for the comment i will work on those things for sure.


Heisenberg Crystals Heisenberg Crystals

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Sounds a bit harsh. Interesting though.
It is perhaps a bit too sharp and imposingly large to be in the background of a video game. Try to go for a more controlled, level spectrum of tones that don't push straight to the front so much.

Strong 2.5

Bloodtype8 responds:

Thank you for the feedback! :)

The End The End

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I actually loved the drum sound. Very different. The harmonic/melodic elements were awesome as well. Work on the structure, though. Generally think of the track progressing as climbing a slide for 2/3s of it, and throwing your hands up and sliding down for the last 1/3. This image can kind of get a feel for how rise and climax works, but of course there are variations, and different ways to do it.

riaki responds:

Thank you for this feedback i will keep this in mind for my next one..

Dubstep WIP Dubstep WIP

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The first 1:30 had no drive. The drums didn't have that hesitant awkward swagger (yes I'm using that word properly) that they're known to do in this kind of mainstream dubstep song. Try didn't variations of swing patterns, 16th, 8th, etc, see what compliments the track. Also reduce the velocity on the less important kicks to keep the drums from sounding super robotic.

We all love our snares powerful, but I think you might be overdoing it just a bit. The contrast of the relaxed piano/synth/string lines and the super-intense snare might be what killed the forward moving feeling that you want at the beginning. Also try some harmonic minor notes (the tonic -1 for instance) on the last chords of the sequence to get that super edgy about to drop sound.

The drop itself was awesome sounding, but not headbangin'. Why? Well, my best theory is because the rest of the song was the same volume as the drop but less intense, so the drop actually felt weaker/smaller than the relaxed part because it had less space (reverb). Basically, if you didn't introduce the drums as a massively powerful element until the drop, it would flow better. Headbanging is definitely something you want to happen at the drop.

The second drop was too sudden to catch us. At least give us a bit of reverse crash if you're going to be sudden like that. You're trying to make us go "OH SHIT NO HE DIDN'T" not "oh, and suddenly drop happens" if that makes sense.

Yours truly, some random person on NG.
Check out some of my music sometime if you're interested.

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yeajimmiboi responds:

Thanks dude I will try use these tips in the future versions of this song! :)

who has stolen the bass? who has stolen the bass?

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I absolutely love this beat. I'd love if you made it into a full song.

Actually.. That's it. Yeah.

Come Back Transparence Come Back Transparence

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The percussion was really cool, the melodic and harmonic parts were eh. Try utilizing this amazing tool we have called Rests. You know, the sequence doesn't have to have a note on every 16th note.

The mix was not that aweful from what I can hear, in fact it wasn't bad. Perhaps some sideways compression would have helped glue it together.

Shinodan360 responds:

Well thank you for the constructive feedback, i always have troubles balancing instruments nicely together. I try different things every new song so ill take heed in your advice!


Pillar/Fulcrum Pillar/Fulcrum

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The theme that you laid out in pretty deep and powerful. However...
The harmonies and melodies seem pretty counter productive. They don't really support the tone very much. They seem interested in emphasizing the space theme, while your sound could do that find by themselves, freeing up the notes to emphasize on the feelings.
Some of the part where pretty sweet, but the different parts of the song felt like different parts of different songs, aside from having the same sound sets.

I'm pretty confident in giving this a three. Lots of places to improve, but nothing that's really counter intuitive or simply stupid.

The key to remember that I think will help you, is that if you're going after a theme, chase it. Every part of the song's being should support the emotional impact of that theme.

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PYROMANCERband responds:

*e. Hmmm. Well, those chords were written as chords, so I'm not sure which notes you're referring to as melodies and which as harmonies. As far as the theme, it was inspired by the song, not the other way around. I appreciate your creative input, however! Thank you!

Party Dancefloor - Dj-U Party Dancefloor - Dj-U

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I don't... What.. No please. I can't take this anymore.
I want you to be famous.

-.5 because some tiny issues with EQ, nothing to be worried about at aaalll.

DJ-Ultimax responds:

I wil further pimp my Eq bro, thanks for eveything

Coming for you Coming for you

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I was pretty impressed with the sound design until I read presets. ._.
Whoever made these sounds did it well. Maybe too much treble in the mix. Like, a lot.
Also the mix lacked punch. Less compression ratio is a quick fix.

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BrAxTrax responds:

I should've explained in the description that this is still a work in progress. I haven't focused on mastering as much as of now, but thanks for the suggestions! As for the presets, I had to tweak them a little bit to get the right sound, and I added effects such as distortion and phaser. Anyways, thanks for your feedback :)

Subterranean Subterranean

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Certainly a fun track. Here's some ways to improve on it, though:

Song starts suddenly, with no logical or artistic beginning. Reminder that music starts from silence. Imagine that there's 5 or so seconds of silence before the tracks plays. It wouldn't just pop into existence would it? This tip doesn't apply to infinite loops.

The main melody was excruciatingly simple. Make it more complex, play with the positions of the notes some more.

The drop-ish thing was surprisingly cool with the reverb. The lowest wob tough was too deep for it's wave form, and it distorted. Sometimes this is desirable, but not really in this context, to me.

at 1:45 the ARP was too loud compared to the original main melody, and it not sounding like a lead sound kind of denied a climax, in a not-so-appealing way.

Next drop was even cooler. You should make abstrakt house or minimal sometime, you might be good at it.

The song's ending was almost as awkward as the start.

I tried really hard not to mention presets... Anyhow.
3/5 rating for effort.
1/5 review because there's a lot that's lacking, or too much, in this track. Too much to make it listenable from a logical or artistic viewpoint.

I hope you don't take this low rating the wrong way, I'd love to see you work on these key points. c:

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